The Intersection of Appalachian Experience, Global Expertise and Technology Innovation

    Right Team

  • Seasoned veteran industry team with 150 years of local and international senior experience at leading energy companies
  • Deep expertise across all facets of unconventional & conventional exploration, production, operations & finance
  • 3 generations of Appalachian oilfield experience operating profitably producing wells

    Right Place

  • The Appalachian basin is poised for a period of sustained and significant growth off a strong current base
  • Driven by plethora of new pipelines, gas-fired electric and petrochemicals plant development
  • Low-cost entry point and superior risk-adjusted returns at current price decks relative to other US shale plays

   Right Time

  • Opportunity to acquire premiere assets for the right team with local operational presence and access to key regional players
  • Opportunity to develop organically based on local relationships and technical knowhow with minimal risk
  • Purchase at attractive valuations and leverage Appalachian pricing upside
Local Operations and Facilities Spanning the Heart of the Appalachian Play