About Us

In Ohio, we have drilled several hundred wells with a 99% drilling success rate.

Extensive track record

Our team has successfully drilled, completed and produced thousands of unconventional and conventional wells in multiple basins across the US and internationally over the past 30 years. In Ohio, we have drilled several hundred wells with a 99% drilling success rate, and we believe that this intimate local knowledge of subsurface and surface constraints, coupled with our “boots on the ground” local key relationships, differentiates us from our competition. We have had a local presence in the Appalachian for over a 100 years that has enabled us to cultivate countless invaluable local relationships with landowners, communities, and other energy companies. Coupled with the 150 years of combined world-class experience of our senior team, this creates a formidable combination that enables us to scale our business while adhering to our stringent standards of technology innovation, operational excellence and community and environmentally friendly development.

Our Vision

innovative and cost effective

To be the most innovative and cost effective Appalachian Operator achieving best-in-class operational excellence and delivering high performing results for all our stakeholders – investors, partners, landowners and the communities where we operate – in a safe, sustainable and responsible manner.

Our Strategy

advanced subsurface characterization technologies

We believe the differentiators of tomorrow in the energy industry will be the innovators of today. We believe that it is not enough to simply emulate industry best practices, but rather to constantly improve on them and create new ones. We know that our people are the most important ingredient for our success. By leveraging the experiences of our world-class team to bring an innovative, data-driven approach to our home base operations in the Appalachian, we are confident in driving superior results for all our stakeholders - investors, partners, employees, landowners and the communities that we operate in. We utilize advanced subsurface characterization technologies and rigorous analysis of all available geological and geophysical data at varying scales (i.e. core measurements, wireline logs, seismic data) to identify, evaluate and high-grade resource potential in the areas we work. We develop these prospects with accurate well placement and state-of-the-art completion and stimulation techniques, maximizing the returns for our investors.

Our Operations

thousands of acres across seven counties

We are headquartered in Warren, Ohio and have affiliated conventional & unconventional operations spanning thousands of acres across seven counties. In addition, we are active in the shale water management business and run our own affiliated state-of-the-art water disposal business strategically located in close proximity to the OH-PA border servicing both Marcellus and Utica flowback and produced water. We are proud to be a first mover in a horizontal unconventional play in Ohio that is yielding promising results and enabling us to lead with innovation. We strive to constantly improve our decision making agility across all areas of our operations, which in turn drives down our costs while maximizing our operational efficiency. As the only E&P operator in our region with an integrated water management arm, we are able to realize operational efficiencies simply not available to others who outsource this critical component of the upstream value chain. Marrying big company best practices with small company nimbleness enables us to realize value in our basin where others cannot.